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What about Super White u-glass? What is it?

2022-11-16 10:29

Ultra-white u-type glass is a kind of ultra-transparent low-iron glass, also known as low-iron glass, high-transparent glass. With superior physical, mechanical and optical properties, and other high-quality float glass can be carried out as a variety of deep processing manufacturing.

1. crystal texture, color off the charts: ultra-white glass permeability is very good, with crystal texture, color value is super high, more to meet the needs of designers, and architectural design * * integration.

2. Low self-explosion rate: in general, ultra-white glass materials contain less impurities such as NIS, are more finely controlled during the melting process, and have a more uniform composition than ordinary glass, this greatly reduces the possibility of steel after the possibility of self-explosion.

3. Color consistency: the iron content of ultra-white glass is one-tenth or less of that of normal glass, and it absorbs less of the green wavelengths of visible light, thus ensuring color consistency.

4. High visible light transmittance and good permeability: normal glass transmittance of about 80% , 6mm thickness of ultra-white glass with 91% visible light transmittance, like crystal clear. In addition, the high light transmittance also effectively reduces the light refraction and reflection, not only can reduce light pollution, but also can make the glass between the internal and external objects do not produce color difference and deformation, enhance authenticity.

5. high technology content, with strong profitability: ultra-white glass technology content is relatively high, production control difficult, with strong profitability. High quality also determines its price, the current price of ultra-white glass is ordinary glass 1 ~ 2 times, relatively high technical barriers.