Low carbon smart culture and tourism house

2022-05-27 15:04

The solar photovoltaic power generation mobile house can meet all your needs for new energy houses in the future, with 24-hour continuous power supply and 2-hour main structure installation. It can be moved as a whole, which is more convenient. It is more adaptable to various environments, such as living and working, earthquake relief, emergency, Street convenience stores, forest hotels, mobile exhibition halls, etc.


The core of the solar power house is the U-glass photovoltaic power generation module. The PV modules used in the cultural and tourism houses need to meet the characteristics of high intensity and resist the damage of natural external forces, such as hail, typhoon and rainstorm. The photovoltaic module using U-glass substrate just meets the requirements of the culture and tourism house. It is light in weight, high in strength, and easy to realize structural rainproof.

The strength of u glass substrate is more than ten times that of flat glass with the same thickness.


Design style: 1. Transparent U-glass is used in a large area of the facade and exterior wall, with transparent indoor and outdoor visual effects, to achieve a panoramic view of the outdoor landscape, front and rear landscapes, front and rear doors; 2. The plane layout is suitable for diversification. It can be equipped with kitchen, dining room, bathroom, audio-visual entertainment system and fresh air system for different use scenarios. For example, sea life and entertainment or field office, island and beach hotel rooms, etc; 3. Aluminum alloy structure is used as the frame material, which is light in weight and earthquake resistant.


Characteristics of photovoltaic house: 1. Low cost; The modular design of the transfer house structure is convenient for installation and transportation. 2. Solar energy can supply power continuously for 24 hours to solve the problem of power consumption in areas far away from the power grid. The construction site is not limited by conditions. 3. The integrated chemical plant produces, saves the total construction cost, and the hardbound repair of water, electricity, sanitation, kitchen and satellite TV are all available. 4. The frame foundation is designed with 6 floor support feet, which can be installed without hardening the foundation. Only 6 support seats are required, without damaging the surface vegetation, and can be installed overhead according to the terrain.


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