Green building glass exterior wall

2022-05-27 15:10

U-shaped glass curtain wall is a kind of peripheral protective structure of buildings. It is different from the general exterior wall and has the following three characteristics

1. The U-shaped glass curtain wall is a complete structural system, which directly bears the loads and actions imposed on it and transmits them to the main structure. In most cases, the U-shaped glass curtain wall is composed of double-layer U-shaped glass, upper and lower beams and columns.

2. The U-shaped glass curtain wall shall enclose the main structure without exposing the main structure.

3. The U-shaped glass curtain wall is usually movably connected with the main structure. The vertical and horizontal U-shaped glass is usually installed on the main structure. When the main structure is displaced, the U-shaped glass curtain wall can move relative to the main structure.

The U-shaped glass curtain wall has the following characteristics:

1. U-shaped glass has light transmission and non perspective, full perspective, semi perspective, no light pollution, has light reflection ability, and can produce strong architectural art effect.

2. The self weight of U-shaped glass wall is small, which is only equivalent to 1 ∽ 1 / 10 of brick wall and 1 ∽ 1 / 8 of concrete precast slab wall, thus reducing the cost of main structure and foundation.

3. The U-shaped glass is an industrial building product with stable quality, industrialized processing, on-site assembly installation, less workload and shorter construction period.

4. it is convenient to maintain and replace the glass

5. The U-shaped glass curtain wall encapsulates the main structure, reduces the impact of temperature changes on the main structure, and effectively solves the problem of temperature stress in large-area buildings and high-rise buildings.

6. it can better adapt to the needs of facade renewal of old buildings, so U-shaped glass curtain wall is usually used as a means of reconstruction of old buildings.


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