Green landscape glass partition

2022-05-27 15:22

The U-shaped glass partition is a kind of partition that uses only one horizontal upper frame and lower frame material as a fixed, indomitable, and can be arranged without other vertical and horizontal auxiliary materials to completely divide the space. A single glass can reach 10 meters. It is a professional high partition glass wall without vertical and horizontal reinforcement. It can not only realize the traditional function of space separation, but also is significantly better than the traditional glass partition wall in terms of lighting, sound insulation, fire prevention, environmental protection, easy installation and reuse. According to the main material type of U-glass, it can be divided into single-layer U-glass partition, double-layer U-glass partition, laminated U-glass partition and fabricated hollow U-glass partition. According to the functions and properties of U-glass, it can be divided into tempered U-glass partition, fireproof U-glass partition, ultra white U-glass partition, laminated explosion-proof U-glass partition and artistic U-glass partition.


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