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What are the characteristics of the U-shaped glass

2022-11-17 09:13


U-shaped glass (also called Groove Glass) is a new kind of building profiled glass, which has been used for nearly 40 years at home and abroad. It is produced continuously by the method of calendering first and then forming, so named because of its cross section of“U” shape. The U-shaped glass has many kinds, has the aspiration light transmission, the heat insulation, the heat preservation and the higher mechanical strength, not only uses widely, the construction is simple, and has the unique construction and the decoration effect, and can save a lot of light metal profiles, so many parts of the world are used in urban and rural architecture.

The main features of U-shaped glass are as follows:

1. Energy saving: U-type glass has low heat transfer coefficient (double-layer U glass k = 2.39 w/M2K, shading coefficient SC = 0.31, light transmittance 81%) , and excellent heat insulation function. Compared with 6mm + 12A + 6mm LOW-e insulating glass (K = 1.66 w/M2K, shading coefficient SC = 0.31, light transmittance 35%) , U-shaped glass has better light transmittance function and is more beneficial to daylighting of gymnasium.

2. Economy: U-shaped glass is continuous calendering molding of glass profiles, so that the development of architectural glass from plate to profiles, so its cost is relatively low, u-shaped glass curtain wall can save a lot of steel or aluminum.

3. Green Environmental Protection: because of the high transmittance of U-shaped glass, used in office buildings and other public buildings, not only to save the cost of building indoor lighting, but also have a humane working environment. And U-type glass selected recycling broken, waste glass reproduction, maintenance of the environment.

4. U-shaped glass equipment construction simple and convenient: because U-shaped glass can be directly used as the main force components of curtain wall, compared to the general glass curtain wall, save a lot of keel and other accessories, production equipment simple and convenient, greatly shorten the construction period, reduce costs.

Save a lot of metal materials, as well as the advantages of simple construction, applicable to the building's external and internal walls, walls, roofing and windows, etc.