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How to install the U-shaped glass?

2022-11-15 11:27

The end face and plane of u-shaped glass shall be free from jagged notches or cracks.

Each individual U-shaped glass member shall be supported on a uniformly elastic liner.

There should be no hard contact between glass and adjacent metal, concrete, or mortar structures.

There must be a gap between the upper end of the u-shaped glass and the higher parts of the building such as the beams, the Kaifeng, the roof panels, etc. .

The air gap between the upper end of the U-shaped glass and the adjacent upper structure shall not be less than 25mm to cope with its deformation and to facilitate installation and replacement.

The Longitudinal joints between the U-GLASS must be filled with an elastic sealing material.

Sealing materials, usually a two-component polysulfide plastic, silicone rubber, flexible polyvinyl chloride profiles, etc. , used in the u-glass and fixed, U-shaped glass between the seal.

Round rope for sealing between the U-shaped glass and the frame.

Strip liners, flexible polyvinyl chloride, bituminous strips, rigid foamed plastics, etc.  used as expansion and sliding joints between U-shaped glass and the frame.

Expansion bolt for fixing the frame.