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Where is it difficult to toughen U-shaped glass?

2022-11-14 10:43

1. Strict standards

At present, our country has not issued a standard for U-shaped glass toughened glass. If U-shaped glass wants to obtain CCC certification, it must comply with the national standard “Safety Glass for building use: toughened glass glass”. Because the national standard test method mainly aims at flat glass, u-glass wants to pass the test, must follow the flat glass complete test plan, from the fixed way, the jig conforms to the regulation, the special measuring tool calibration, u-shaped glass is not a small challenge.

2. Do both

The major difficulty of U-shaped glass toughening process is that both the safety and size requirements of glass should be considered. Safety performance requirements are embodied in the three major tests: impact resistance, fragmentation status and impact performance of the shotgun bag. One of the impact test * for stringent, the test requires 1040g steel ball from a height of 1000mm hit glass, glass intact. In order to meet the strength requirements, glass must be fully heated and rapid cooling. However, excessive heating will soften the glass deformation, excessive cooling will lead to distortion of the glass flange. Only to achieve all aspects of the process balance, in order to produce a piece of high-quality toughened u-glass.            

3. Equipment capability

There are almost no U-shaped glass tempering furnaces in China or the world. Most of the toughening of U-shaped glass on the market is based on the production of small tempering furnace, its stability and equipment capacity is difficult to make qualified U-shaped glass. Xiangjie tempering furnace is a super-large U-shaped glass tempering furnace, its heating and cooling capacity far exceed the requirements of U-shaped glass process. In addition, the production line is highly automated, strictly controlled every key process parameters, and constantly detect every small process changes, so as to ensure the quality of the finished product stability.

4. Production experience

The control of the production of U-shaped glass sheets and sufficient experience in plate glass tempering are indispensable prerequisites for U-shaped glass tempering, at present has the U-type glass production and U-type glass toughening capacity of the manufacturers are not many. Cheung Chit manufactures calendering glass and toughened glass. Fully master the raw material ratio, calendering, annealing, edge grinding, toughening a full set of processes. Behind not only mature theoretical support, but also the British Peer Gynt continued to provide training and support. Years of continuous production, for Xiangjie reserve excellent talent, and accumulated valuable experience.

5. High standard-u-shaped glass standard

Because the national standard, the industry standard requirements are different, on the market products * to meet one or two standards at the same time. In order to make excellent products, u-glass has implemented strict internal control standards, the final product can meet the domestic standards related to u-glass.