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Choose which U-shaped fire-resistant glass is better

2022-11-11 09:14


1. laminated composite U-type fire-resistant glass is the glass layer between the plate, coated with colorless fire-resistant adhesive, and then made of composite fire-resistant glass material. Like the regular biscuit design, this glass is popular for its superior performance and durability. It needs to be cured at 100 degrees in a room. When a fire occurs, the adhesive inside will expand rapidly to absorb heat, thus reducing the probability of a safety accident.

2. Filamentous U-shaped fireproof glass. This glass is made with wire and mesh so that it can be used with impact and is compatible with indoor safety systems, give more power to glass.

3. Special U-shaped fire-resistant glass, which is made of special glass ingredients, although the composition of the glass varies, but the softening effect is very good, thermal expansion value is not high, even high temperature will not easily deformation, good stability, especially microcrystalline fire-resistant glass, not only has the above-mentioned characteristics, and physical performance is not bad, can withstand great pressure, but the price is expensive.