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Construction technology of U-shaped glass curtain wall

2022-11-10 09:22

1.Do a good job of raw material protection

At present, making glass curtain walls in many high-rise buildings is very complicated, so scientific plans are made according to the actual construction projects before the construction starts, the quality of the project can also be improved by ensuring that there is no shortage of materials at the time of the formal commencement of construction. First, when purchasing materials, we should strictly require the source and quality of the materials to be purchased. When purchasing materials, we should negotiate with the place where they are purchased. When sending materials, we should distribute them in batches. We should send as much as we can use, this to a large extent to avoid the problem of insufficient materials, but also to avoid the purchase of materials caused by excessive waste of resources caused by the increase in construction costs. In addition, during the transportation of materials, our personnel in charge of transporting materials should carry out good protection of materials to avoid material damage during the transportation of materials, therefore, in the transport can use foam and other related materials to bar glass as a partition, to ensure that the glass in between there is an adequate gap.

2.To ensure safe construction

It is very dangerous to use glass curtain wall technology in high-rise buildings, which will involve open-air work when doing good construction. Therefore, we should pay special attention to such problems during construction and step up supervision on safety issues, to ensure that the construction can be safe, to avoid the construction process in the safety of accidents. Among them, the training of staff safety awareness is very important, so it is necessary to organize relevant courses and trainings on a regular basis, and to do a good job of mechanical equipment inspection before construction, at the same time, it should be stipulated that the construction personnel should wear safety helmet at the construction site to ensure safe construction.

3.Optimize construction management

Optimizing construction management is very important in the use of glass curtain wall construction technology, which has effective provisions for the professional quality and technical use of the entire construction team of the operators, at the same time to ensure that they have a certain degree of coordination. According to the characteristics of the glass curtain wall technology used in high-rise buildings, we should formulate the construction plan and train the related technicians before the concrete construction, to ensure that in the construction, the construction staff can do a good job in accordance with the required standards, which can effectively ensure the quality of the current project glass. At the same time to ensure the construction period under the premise of choosing a suitable construction program, effective management of the entire construction process.

In a word, although the process of glass curtain wall construction in high-rise building is not as complex as that of the main body of building engineering, it also plays an important role in ensuring the effective use of curtain wall, we should pay attention to the key points of construction technology, and design the construction scheme scientifically and rationally according to the relevant technical norms, so as to effectively improve the construction quality of curtain wall. In the construction process should ensure the personal safety of staff, and then ensure the smooth progress of the project.