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Management of U-shaped glass curtain wall construction

2022-11-09 10:02

1. Quality control of material processing

In the construction of the project, the concrete aluminum alloy material is used to grasp the production, therefore, the construction enterprise in the material processing work, must grasp the quality management, first makes the semi-finished product, then delivers to the construction site to complete the installation work, ensure the machining accuracy of parts. For the construction site, can not grasp the profile processing work. For the plate, in the assembly, the need to adopt a vertical management method, that is to remove glass directly from the wooden box, through lifting link and installation link quality control, to avoid damage to the glass plate. In general, the construction of glass curtain wall for coated glass, in the assembly, facing the outdoor for non-coated glass, facing the indoor for coated glass surface, to ensure the prominent effect of film color. At the same time, the construction enterprises need to design the structure of the glass clearance reasonably to ensure that when the temperature deformation occurs, the vertical sliding or horizontal sliding mode can be formed under the corner ruler of the adhesive layer, avoid impact on glass quality. For steel structure materials, in the welding process when painting, and then transported to the construction site to grasp the installation, to determine the installation size and form, to ensure that the construction of the project to meet the construction effect. It should be noted that the surface of the structure can not appear welding oxides, exposed parts of the surface can not grasp the welding.

2. Quality Control measures for hoisting

In view of the facade of curtain wall structure belongs to the form of grid design, glass plate length, high weight for this reason, in the lifting of the construction is difficult. In the traditional construction, the main method is to lift the sucker. If the construction site is relatively narrow, the hoisting machine and pulley will be used to do a good job of lifting, but in the lifting construction, serious quality problems often occur, can not ensure the smooth installation of the overall material structure. Therefore, in construction, electric sucker should be used to replace the ordinary sucker, not only to reduce the lifting construction time, but also to improve the material installation quality. At the same time, the enterprise can set up two additional manual sucker equipment, the manual sucker connected in the plate hoisting structure, to prevent sloshing and tilt problems, avoid accidental collision during the glass damage situation, improve the construction quality of the overall structure.

3. Quality control of concealed engineering

There are many hidden projects in the construction of high-rise building curtain wall project, so the construction enterprises should do well in quality control, find out the quality problems as early as possible through the quality acceptance method, and solve the problems with reasonable measures. In general, the envelope belongs to the hidden works, and is also the main connecting system between the main structure and the main body of the building. In quality management, it is necessary to ensure that the strength of the envelope conforms to the regulations, can ensure the overall building construction quality and stability function to resist external load problems. In order to ensure the quality of the overall project construction, it is necessary to strictly manage the safety of the maintenance structure, eliminate the hidden trouble of the safety of the connection system, ensure the quality of the connection of each node, and improve the strength of the welding structure, when necessary, can use the method of three-dimensional adjustable specifications to achieve quality management.

4. Quality control of structural adhesives

The application of structural adhesive in curtain wall construction of high-rise building is very important, which directly affects the construction quality of the whole curtain wall project, draw lessons from domestic and foreign advanced technology experience, enhance the structure of the rubber use of standardization, and do a good job in quality control.

With the rapid development of social economy, the construction engineering industry plays a key role in supporting it. However, in the construction project quantity and scale promotion at the same time, a new problem gradually came into people's sight, is the quality of the project. In this context, how to ensure the quality of curtain wall, the implementation of construction quality management control work, has a very important practical significance, not only can improve the basic quality of construction, but also conducive to the construction industry to achieve a stable and rapid development.