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Comparison between U-glass and ordinary flat glass

2019-12-24 11:21

U-shaped glass and flat glass belong to building glass. It is the two varieties of architectural glass, just as steel plate and section steel belong to steel. There is no one to compare them, just as the same person's hands and feet compare their functions. The reason for this problem may be that the blind spot is the word "glass". I think it's all glass, so I think the function is almost the same. In fact, this problem is just like comparing steel plate and section steel.

1: The composition of glass is slightly different, just like the relationship between ordinary steel and special steel.

2: The forming process is different.

3: Because of the different shape of the section, the mechanical properties are also different. If the test is carried out according to the concentrated load of equal volume, equal length and equal span, the difference is very large.

4: In architecture, flat glass is often used as window material, while U-shaped glass is wall material, which can be used as interior and exterior protective materials.

5: U-shaped glass is double-layer buckle type installation, so the performance of heat insulation and sound insulation is higher than that of flat glass. The heating cost is 40% lower.

6: Because of the high mechanical strength of U-shaped glass, the use height of flat glass in buildings is incomparable. Considering the wind load, the maximum allowable area of flat glass supported on four sides is strictly regulated. From this point of view, U-shaped glass can save more than 50% of steel in installation.

7: The physical and optical properties of U-glass are not different from those of flat glass, while the perspective performance of U-glass is different from that of flat glass due to the forming reasons, but the reflection performance of light is not the same. So it depends on the designer's design concept to choose.

U-shaped glass is a new type of energy-saving and environmental protection transparent wall material, which is favored by many excellent architectural designers at home and abroad, and has been applied in many buildings. Welcome to our website. For designers, all building materials are a kind of language and color. Just as we can't recommend and evaluate which color is the most beautiful, because the designer's innovative idea is unfathomable.