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Analysis of U-glass Market

2019-12-24 13:57

U-shaped glass, also known as groove glass, is called U-shaped glass because of its cross-section of "U".

There are many kinds of U-shaped glass, which have ideal transmittance, heat insulation, heat insulation performance and high mechanical strength. It is not only widely used and convenient for construction, but also has unique architectural decoration effect, which can save a lot of light metal profiles. Therefore, it has been adopted by many countries in the world.

U-shaped glass in many projects at home and abroad, there is no lack of unique classic architectural design, as early as 1995 Dutch architect viles Boxster police station, to the 2010 Shanghai World Expo Chile Pavilion. During this period, there are Qingdao Yizhong tobacco factory and Angang wide range of U-shaped glass buildings, with the unique shape of Seoul University. The advantages of this kind of material are fully proved in many buildings.

The technical achievements of U-glass are very mature. With the continuous improvement of market consciousness, the market space expands rapidly. I believe that in the near future, U-shaped glass will become an indispensable green building material for the development of modern cities. It will also greatly improve the quality of human living environment and contribute to the sustainable development of China's economy.

Ultra transparent U-shaped glass has the advantages of both U-shaped glass and flat glass, with light transmittance, vision, heat insulation, sound insulation, environmental protection and other characteristics. It is widely used in every corner of the building, greatly improving the level of space decoration.

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