Ultra white glass fine flower U-shaped glass (light blue glaze)
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The U-shaped glass is toughened with glaze, which has good lighting and energy saving, and the sunshade effect is improved obviously. It can be widely used in industrial parks, factories, real estate sales departments, landscape walls, schools, airports, stations, high-end hotels, office buildings, residences, greenhouses and other industrial and civil buildings non load-bearing internal and external walls, partitions and roofs.

The inorganic glaze is evenly printed / sprayed on the U-shaped glass web, and the screen printing / spraying can be customized according to the needs, and the drying is usually carried out continuously after the glaze application.

Through drying and heat treatment, the glaze is permanently sintered on the glass surface to obtain a kind of wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistant decorative U-shaped glass product;