Photovoltaic U-glass system supplier
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The u-bipv frameless photovoltaic building integration developed by sungate glass has a pipeline structure, which is conducive to the cooling of solar cells and improving the power generation efficiency; at the same time, the u-bipv frameless module has high strength and is not easy to deform, which prevents the solar cells from generating hidden cracks; no photovoltaic support is required during installation, saving time and material costs. It is suitable for the construction of office building curtain wall, villages in the city and factory roof, making full use of space for photovoltaic power generation, saving land resources, saving the construction of roof insulation layer, and increasing the income of the owner.

Xiangjie glass develops cheap U-shaped glass solar house and shed, which has less frame, less sunshade and less hardware heat transfer; it is easy to realize dome and spire shed; double-layer U-shaped glass forms a hollow structure, which is conducive to heat insulation in winter, and the shed does not need to be covered with heat preservation quilt; together with U-shaped glass photovoltaic components, it can extend the photosynthesis time during crop heat preservation; with embossed U-shaped glass, it can Improve the uniformity of light in the greenhouse, so that plants with different angles or back leaves can produce photosynthesis, effectively improving crop yield.

The company has designed a kind of bowstring structure with high strength, large span and low material consumption. Together with U-shaped glass, it can realize all glass building, make full use of sunlight and heat, and save energy expenditure of heating device. It is suitable for high space planting in the north, such as tropical plant landscape garden, cattle and sheep shelter or winter fish and shrimp breeding, as well as civil sunlight room and tourism building.