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U-shaped glass in buildings with light transmission and non Perspective

2022-02-14 17:56

U-glass is a non combustible material with certain fire resistance. It also has better mechanical strength than ordinary flat glass, excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation performance, especially the characteristics of light transmission and non perspective, which has won the favor of many architectural designers.

U-shaped glass can be used in the architectural design of non load-bearing walls, exterior walls, partitions and roofs of airports, stations, office buildings, cinemas, sports halls, industrial plants and residences. It can save a lot of light metal materials, simple construction and create a unique architectural decoration effect.

U-shaped glass is produced by pressing first and then forming. The cross section presents a "U" shape, so it is named U-shaped glass.

U-glass classification:

According to color classification: colorless and colored respectively. Colored U-shaped glass is sprayed and coated.

According to the classification of glass surface: smooth with and without pattern.

According to the glass strength classification: ordinary type, toughening, film coating, thermal insulation layer, reinforcing film, etc.