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Main features of U-glass

2021-12-13 17:07

Large and continuous glass surface: the U-shaped glass only needs the top and bottom frames to fix the glass, without the frame connection between the glasses, so as to ensure the use of a large area of glass, such as a glass wall. The large glass surface gives a continuous optical appearance.

At night, it is particularly beautiful to cooperate with the light. Under the light, the continuous U-shaped glass wall has a noble, beautiful and straight shape. The building has become a messenger of beauty, and gives people a strong color impact with different colors of lights.

Provide not only glass, but also all relevant aluminum frame systems and accessories to ensure the quality of the whole system.

A variety of product choices: product varieties include fully transparent glass surface, frosted glass surface, surface between fully transparent and frosted, as well as tempered U-shaped glass, with a variety of color choices. In addition, the U-shaped glass of Low-E glass.

It can be used outdoors or indoors and can be made into arc shape: U-shaped glass can serve indoor and outdoor design in various forms. Like outdoor design, it is composed of U-shaped glass, which can be designed as internal partition, daylighting belt or background light elements, and is popular because of its elegant material style.

U-shaped glass can be used horizontally or obliquely while being used vertically. There are many kinds of products, and the types are ever-changing.